Triceps extensions

triceps extensions
triceps extensions

Triceps extensions are a very common exercise when you want to train your triceps.

The triceps is an extension muscle of the elbow joint.  

When you do triceps extensions you work your triceps from the elbow and all the way to the latissimus dorsi.

You can do triceps extensions in many different ways. While doing triceps extensions you can sit down, lying on the ground or stand up.

When you use dumbbells for doing this exercises think about using the weight that fits you and your body. If you use to heavy weights you can easy get injured.


This exercise is typical when it comes to work with your triceps extensions. But instead of sitting in a training chair you use a stability ball (core ball). So for this exercise you train triceps extensions and you also work on your core stability, the equipment you need is a core ball and a dumbbell.

Sit on the ball and keep your back straight, suck in your bellybutton. Have your feet firmly placed on the floor and have your hip- width a little bit apart. Hold the dumbbell with both of your hands and remember to use a weight that fits your body condition.

Pull your shoulder blades down and back. Start position is to slowly press the dumbell over your head, after that bend your elbows slowly behind your head. Do not allow the upper arms to move.

Continue to bend your elbows back over your head until you have a 90 degress angel. After that go slowly up again over your head and repeat. A tip is to do it infront of a mirror so you can see your angels and that you’re straight in your back under the whole exercise.


For this triceps extension you need two dumbbells. Lie down on the floor and extend your arms straight up over your chest. Bend your elbows over your head and stop when you have them 90 degrees. When you are going down over your head just move your forearms.


This triceps extension is an easy one and you really targeting your triceps. You can do this triceps extensions at the gym but also at home. For this exercise you need a chair or a bench and the weight you use is your bodyweight.

When you work your triceps extensions on this exercise keep your shoulders down and your hips close to your chair or bench. If you want to make it harder keep your feet longer from the bench and if you want to it to be a little bit easier keep them closer to the bench.

You start the exercise sitting on the bench and hold your hands between your hips. Lift your body up and down in front on the chair and keep your body close to the bench all the time.


This triceps extension is one of the most effective. This exercise calls triangle pushup. Studies have been done and this is the most muscle activity of all the triceps exercises. Startposition is the same like when your are going to do a normal push up, if you want to make it easier stand on your legs instead. 

Place your hands under your chest. Place your thumbs so the fingertips touch each other. Bring your forefingers together. Now your making a triangle with your hands. 

Remember to keep your back straight and your core tight when your working your triceps extensions, throughout the exercise.

Standing in the position, start by going down with your body bending your elbows and stop when your chest touches the floor. Press back up and start over again.